Submission Is Not Slavery

Let’s quote the scripture a bit here.

Ephesians 5:22-24 ” For wives should submit to thy husband as to the Lord.For a man is the head of his wife as Christ the head of Church. As the Church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything,”

Some people have abused this version of the Bible, the Men most especially have used this as a passport to end every form of disagreement with their wives, and even stopped the woman from airing her opinion in Marriage or Relationship.

In my life,i have heard couples during argument where the man tries to remind the wife his position in the family, now this brings disunity.

What the Bible was trying to say actually is that marriage should be built in love and unity, when a man keeps pressing about submission in Marriage it only leads to bullying, quarrels and even divorce and trust me,that was never God’s plan for marriage.

If i am allowed, i would like to say specifically what God meant about submission in Marriage.

1.A Concise Submission Begins With GOD.

Let’s visit this passage of the Bible(Ephesians 5:21). For marriage to work, both parties must first obey and submit entirely to God first,because he is the head of the home. A home cannot be in peace and live in love if God is excluded.

2. You Offend God when you maltreat your Woman

(1 Peter 3:7) this passage of the Bible explains it it all. The tone of your spoken words will structure your Marriage. You offend God when you maltreat your wives all in the name of submission,learn to know the difference. Men are entitled to treat their women with love, respect, support and Encouragement.

3. To make a Woman submit in a relationship is never a Man’s duty.

The Bible never instructed men to enforce any thing on their wives. The man in every home happens to be the leader right? Now, a leader is someone who serves his followers. In other words, The man is given a Mandate by God to lead and to be accountable for his family. The scripture never told men to enforce any behavior or anything at all on their wives, because that will create separation among them, instead of the unity God intended.

4. The Main purpose of Marriage is Love not Submission.

I so much believe that if men treat their wives just as Christ treated his disciples, by washing their feet instead of the other way round things would be better, the rate of divorces in the world will reduce very well. Sometimes, let her choose the location of your hangouts,let her opinion count, let her feel her space and accommodate her opinions in matters,massage her body some times with good lotions,when you treat her well,i bet you, reminding her of your position in the house will be irrelevant.

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