Be their shock Absorber

Most men leave their homes for work and deliberately come back late at night, they are scared of going back to a wife who is lazy and complains about everything, a wife who is dirty and doesn’t take care of herself, who doesn’t know how to keep their homes neat and even worst, doesn’t know how to prepare good meals.

The same as women, they find it very relaxing when their husbands leave the house, they don’t want him to return until it is late night, and they are scared of starting a conversation because they don’t know what the outcome would be.

The question now is, how do we make amend?

Marriage is a beautiful thing and at such both parties need to talk about their problems and try as much to set things right.

You need to be your partner’s shock absorber; you need to be where they run to after the day hard times. Here are ways to achieve that;

  • Makes yourselves approachable at all times
  • Be ready to listen at all time, not to reply but to understand
  • Never keep secrets because it will multiply
  • Always seek for their opinion before you do things, it makes them feel valued
  • Let your partner be your confidant and friend
  • Talk about everything, by that you feel very easy going with them

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