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3 Reasons love does not sustain marriage/relationship

Yes, I can keep on with this topic even if it turns into an argument someday. Love has a significant role to play in marriage but it counts but little in the long run. I will highlight my points:

  • Love count but commitment counts more: You can love someone you are not committed to, but someone you are committed to, you must be in love with the person. This is simple, the person you who loves you can one day walk away from you and your life but that person who is well committed to you cannot do that.
  • Love count but friendship counts more: Love can grow and it can still die when friendship is excluded in the marriage. Yes, two people who love themselves can marry but if there’s no friendship, the marriage won’t work well.
  • Love count but sacrifices counts more: When two people are not ready to make sacrifices in their marriage or relationship, then it is bound to collapse someday. What happens after 10-15years of marriage, the love might have increased of reduced as well, so always know that aside love, some other vitals are needed to sustain marriage/relationship.

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