Should a Lady spend on a man?

I have heard people argue about this phrase on different occasions with different reasons and it doesn’t mean they are wrong with whatever point they came up with.

Today, I want to talk about it and air my opinion and how I feel about this issue. It doesn’t matter if a lady spends on her man so long as the feeling is mutual. Aside being in a relationship, it is not a bad idea if a lady spends on a guy who is just her friend, I mean if the guy can spend on her then what’s stopping her to do the same.

Don’t mind the world and how we perceive kind gestures, the truth is, some people out there genuinely want to help one another but they are scared of what friends may say, and people may say too.

These are my reasons:

  • It reduces this sense of entitlement in you
  • It unconsciously boosts some level of responsibility inside
  • It helps you build a pride that no man can question
  • It increases the chances of being independent, and you know being independent carries great respect
  • It deepens the strong sense of feminism in you, in the sense that you can also be productive

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