Can a woman pay for sex just like men?

There are one million and one questions women all over the world wish to ask but because they are “women” just like the world put it to be, they tend to shy away from it.

Some things are seen as abominable act once it’s done by the female gender but seems to be normal when it’s done by a man.

I think women who can afford it has the right as well to do that if it actually makes them happy.

I have my reasons for saying this, though it may not sound right to some people, it’s fine.

  1. Women need to have that sense of belonging too
  2. Women need to have that feeling of freedom, too many restrictions shut their voices.
  3. it’s also a way of instilling confidence, it may not be right but at least let them be the judge of that

When a woman is given her space instead of being judged and criticized for her lifestyle, it makes her feel like she belongs. No matter how much she would like to employ, some part of her will still be cautious and that is because 90% – 95% of women sex because of commitment not just for the fun.

please like and leave a comment below to share your opinion as well.

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