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Most men still like the “Native thing”

You may not understand what I mean by “Native thing” until I explain. Nowadays people have lost themselves to western life and have allowed the white life to take over them completely. Everyone wants to speak with the British accent, most people go as far as faking them and tend to only complicate things for themselves.

It’s good to upgrade and be civilized but it still doesn’t stop the fact that you can’t be what you want, for instance, most women in this part of the country tend to deny where they come from just to impress the man.

Truth be told, most men still find those sets of women that listen to highlife, drink the local palm wine, eat the local Abacha ( Africa salad), speak the mother tongue, and many more.

Listen, the acceptance of being yourself is still deeply appreciated, and ;

  1. you will not have to act up to impress anyone
  2. you will be free to express yourself despite the place you find yourself
  3. you get to be ‘you’ and no one else
  4. it’s quite fun when you do that thing which is rare to find

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