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5 Reasons why your spouse should be your best friend

Once you exceed this part in your life, my dear pray to God because the rest of your years will be tougher than they would have been. A lot of people make that mistake and that is why most men marry and still go out to live their lives outside of their marriage.

How can you leave the house in the morning knowing that you will be away from each other for hours without exchanging hugs or kisses, coming back from your days’ job or work, you or your partner does not feel excited about seeing each other?

There are basic reasons why you should be friends with your spouse and today I will state some, young men and women are very scared of getting into marriage because the world has made it look like a death sentence, the beautiful part of it seemed to have been crafted out, but I tell you getting married especially to your friend is the best feeling.

  • Whether you like it or not, after traveling all over the world, you will still go home to them, you can’t run forever.
  • For peace of mind, nothing can be compared to peace in a home
  • Life will be a lot easier and fun also because you will have each other’s support.
  • They will never be boring moments between you two because you will always do crazy and funny things to do together
  • You won’t need to hide any secret, I mean your partner is your “besty”.

Once you get these things right and know how fulfilling it will make your life, then you will know that marriage can be beautiful, people who actually talk about marriage like is the worst thing to do are those who didn’t marry their friend. It’s never going to be easy I mean to find that one person who would love and connect with you all at once!!! But It’s very much possible?

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