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5 Reasons why married people still look outside

Aside from the fact that most men think that they are polygamous in nature, they hold onto that and cheat on their spouses. Now, what about the women that cheat? do they also think of being polygamous?

Here are some of the reasons married people don’t stay faithful to their spouses:

  1. When they don’t see their spouse as their confidant

This is a very crucial point if I must say, this is the part where you completely trust your partner, no form of secrecy is entertained, where couples are very open with each other without the fear of anything and I tell, most people don’t have that.

2. When they feel too much pressure from their partner

This can also be a serious issue, once your partner loses their peace of mind around you because of constant nagging or complaints, that can also be a major reason.

3. Eliminating the act of friendship in marriage is very dangerous

It’s almost the same with my number one reason, everyone has the baby attitude in them, that part of them that wants to laugh loud without being cautioned, play like a baby even when they know that they are adults, feel free to express themselves and feel happy about that. It can only be achieved by being friends.

4. Independence and confidence

No one wants to be married to a coward, to someone who does not have confidence and believes in themselves, so if they get married to someone who is less within this range, it turns them off.

5. Lost of attraction

Most men think that looking good and maintaining good shape and figure applies to only women, I tell you today that notion is incorrect, women also like their husbands to appear very attractive too notwithstanding as well.

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