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All girls are talkative, if she is quiet around you there is a problem.

My title states it all, some people say words like “she is an introvert she doesn’t talk too much”, and so on ….

But the fact remains that no girl is quiet, she talks and expresses herself to the fullest once she is around her man, I mean it happens naturally, it’s not something you force at all, girls like to talk about everything. Even the irrelevant things interest them.

Now if she doesn’t talk more around you or she drops just a few words with you whenever you both are together then something is definitely wrong.

It is either she doesn’t like you or you might be shutting her up without knowing.

Now, this is what you should do guys:

  • Engage in very free conversations
  • watch her body language to know if what you say interest her
  • observe her responses, she might not tell you she hates what you are saying because she doesn’t want to sound rude or disrespectful to you
  • Be real, do not fake what you say just to impress her.
  • do you know you should do all this? because communication determines connection.
  • The conversation is more of a woman thing, so once it’s lacking I bet you the relationship cannot work

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