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Make GOD the center of your relationship

permit me to make this piece today, I don’t despise does who don’t believe that God exists and that he has a major role to play in their relationship. I’m equally not out to judge anyone but I want to make something very clear “that is impossible to excuse God in your relationship and get it all right”.

It’s amazing how we expect to keep perfect communication with our partners and fail to keep that too with God.

One of the reasons why we have more divorce rates in the world today is that we often excuse God, I mean it’s ok to kneel down and pray with your partner, go to church not just for religious purposes but to connect with God.

A relationship built on God is always solid and long-lasting because he will have no other choice than to keep you happy, he wouldn’t want you to have a failed relationship.

couples rarely study the word of God, I mean we don’t know it can be a topic to talk about on dates, we go about wishing and waiting for the best to happen in our lives and often forget “him” who can make all that happen.

Now this is what I encourage you to do couples

  1. when you spend time with your partner, try as much as possible to also discuss God and his works, have a discussion on the word of God
  2. Pray for yourselves too, both on the phone and when you are apart
  3. squeeze out time to have the alone moment with God, trust me the outcome will wow you
  4. Talk to him always, tell him how you want your relationship to be
  5. seek him first when you face challenges, he knows how best to come up with solutions
  6. Also, learn how to explore in his word (bible) it contains everything. in fact, it has the best love quotations and explains all you need to know
  7. And a partner who fears God will never cheat on you.

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