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Ways to get your children close to you even when they are adult

It is easy to react harshly to your children especially when they are disturbing you for something and you are not in the mood for such, naturally, people tend to be aggressive when they are stressed at the same time it’s still wrong to take out your stress on your children.

Everyone has their challenges true, but do you also know that your kids face challenges too and it will be nice if you can simply hear them out, it has been proven severally that children are close to their parents at a tender age, especially to their mothers but what happens as they gradually grow is often a mystery.

I will highlight the possible causes, preventive and also the solutions if you are already in such a dilemma.

Here are the possible causes

  1. Paying less or no attention to your children when they are sharing their daily plight with you
  2. Constant scolding or nagging
  3. Being too quick to judge your children when they do something wrong.

You know a child tends to hold back a piece of information from their parent the moment he/she perceives they could be spanked or judged for their actions.

Now this is how to get along with your children and make them still close to you as adults too

  1. Always be a good listener first to your children, try and pay close attention when they are talking to you
  2. Never be quick to judge their actions, try to inquire why your children acted the way they did
  3. As a young parent who is beginning to raise kids it’s better you study and observer even the unspoken words so that way you can get them talking when need be
  4. Never shut them out when they are trying to talk even if they are wrong, listen first

It’s not always easy to mend a broken vase but you can still give it a shot, If you already feel the distance between you and your children, I mean it’s worth the try.

  1. You can at least try to join in their fun life and be part of it
  2. Suspend how you feel for a moment and try to communicate lightly and you can take it from there
  3. You already know what they like so try to do them sometimes but never force an information they are not ready to talk about.

I have more to share but I will stop here for today, feel free to drop a comment below and share other opinions too, please don’t forget to like this article if you find it useful and helpful at all.

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