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Ways to get your children close to you even when they are adult

Never allow your child feel like they are not loved even when you are sad Happy parenting It is easy to react harshly to your children especially when they are disturbing you for something and you are not in the mood for such, naturally, people tend to be aggressive when they are stressed at the... Continue Reading →

A Broken Heart

Tears won't stop, I wonder why My tears are drying out from constant tearing my feet won't stop shaking my wishes won't oblige me my fate is testing me I feel like the world is upset with me I was the apple of your eye. Tears won't stop, I wonder why why turn back A... Continue Reading →

The truth, my truth

I have been away from my blog and blogging as a whole and it's not because I do not have contents to deliberate on or talk about but because I have been fighting too many secret challenges and sorting for other paying jobs while I think of a better way to improve my writing skills.... Continue Reading →

Why does she want you?

she wants "you" and nothing more Most people think being alone is fun and it can help them balance in some sort but with her, it's the opposite. she has been spoilt with lots of attention, care, calls even though the relationships didn't last. she wants you now to be her knight in shining armor,... Continue Reading →

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