Can a woman pay for sex just like men?

There are one million and one questions women all over the world wish to ask but because they are "women" just like the world put it to be, they tend to shy away from it. Some things are seen as abominable act once it's done by the female gender but seems to be normal when... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons why people fall out of love

love is not just a flirting feeling I hear people say words like "I don't love him/her anymore, I no longer feel anything for him/her, I don't think I can continue with this relationship" These statements are very true and correct and it does not mean a person who feels that way is heartless or... Continue Reading →

Should a Lady spend on a man?

I have heard people argue about this phrase on different occasions for different reasons and it doesn’t mean they are wrong with whatever point they came up with. Today, I want to talk about it and air my opinion and how I feel about this issue. It doesn’t matter if a lady spends on her... Continue Reading →

Marriage is between two Forgivers

Marriage is a beautiful thing and cannot be overemphasized, don’t mind the world about what they say about marriage, some say “marriage is like a package you don’t know the content, it is either good or bad” some people also say that “it is better you enjoy the fun while it still last”. But I... Continue Reading →

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