you are the treasure i have been waiting for First let me say to you My baby my lover You are the treasure I have been waiting for He said I have been longing to have you all to myself You are not the most beautiful But to me you are I find peace when... Continue Reading →

I Confess My Love

though i acted nonchalant towards you, i know all that I watch you show me so much care and attention your endless concerns towards me gives me strength though i acted nonchalant towards you, i know all that i wasn't ignorant of your love i enjoy every time we spend together i love the way... Continue Reading →


sometimes it makes you so confuse that you don't know what to do You work every day but have nothing reasonable to show for it Someone else is somewhere doing almost nothing but reap a lot Someone is somewhere hungry and have nothing to eat While someone else is somewhere with plenty but cannot eat... Continue Reading →

Forgive and Forget

always remember the happy times, it makes up the sad ones And they break your heart so many times and you can't forget you have tried to move on got into another relationship and still the same fate you gave plenty chances and they took advantage of it my dear it is okay to feel... Continue Reading →


You tell me that I’m your sunshine You tell me I’m your number one If you don’t love me please don’t tell me you do If you don’t need me please don’t tell me you do Please don’t lie to me Because I take those words seriously This love is for both of us baby... Continue Reading →

His Shoulder My Rest

I like it that you want to be with me I like it that you chose me I like it when you smile for me I am so happy that you want me to be your lover Your shoulder is my best place to rest What else am I looking for When God has blessed... Continue Reading →

You Promised

so tell me, where did the love go? "i will call you" he said please don't be sad, i still want you we used to be best of friends we talked a lot about everything you made me get used to talking to you you told me how much you love me i miss you,... Continue Reading →

My Flower

Come to me, my lover, like a gazelle I am like a wall And my breasts are its towers My lover, you know that with you I find contentment and peace Let me hear your voice from the garden my love How complete the delights of your love You are the only flower in my... Continue Reading →

Let Mine Stay

He is one in ten thousand His face is smooth and bronzed His eyes are as beautiful as doves by a flowering brook His cheeks are as lovely as a garden That is full of herbs and spices His lips are like lilies Wet with liquid myrrh I can kiss them all day His hands... Continue Reading →

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