I love how you love me

My lover is handsome and strong He feeds me with honey and honeycomb He gives me fine wine and milk to drink I drank till I became drunk in love Your love is better than wine Your love delights me My sweetheart, my love, is a secret garden A walled garden, a private spring There... Continue Reading →

Green Love

our love was green and alive One of us has to go one of us is always crying one of is lying down on a bed so lonely staring at the ceiling wishing that it could be something different sorry for that stupid feelings when our love was green and alive we were fond of... Continue Reading →


just when i thought i have found the one He makes me laugh we talked about everything we shared virtually so much in common i became so used to him we played like kids we argued just to get each other's attention we were best of friends, though i thought so i wanted him around... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Fear

In this part of the world When a woman is born She begins to struggle She starts with the house chores Even when the boys are left to play just few are trained to the higher Educational level in her early 20's They starts looking out for her marriage She is never asked what she... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Love

She would neglect the world for you A Woman's love is immeasurable, She sometimes love without caution. She would give her all if she loves you, Making sacrifices wouldn't be an issue Even when the world see wrong's in you, She wouldn't give up on you. she would live and stay with you even in... Continue Reading →

The Rewards Of Wisdom

Nothing will stand in your way if you walk wisely Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are happy is anyone who comes to have understanding there is more profit in it than there is in silver it is worth more to you than gold it will keep you away from people... Continue Reading →

Tales Of Love(Episode 3)

They don't look down on each other,They ensured each other's opinion counted The Man professes his love; My friend, my woman, and companion the one person that understands me. you are like a dove that hides, in the crevice of a rock. He hugged her after saying those nice words to her. She smiled and... Continue Reading →

Tales Of Love (Episode 2)

She had fallen for him before she knew it. They never stopped communicating they talked about everything they grew fond of each other and they became good friends He never stopped showing her how much he loves her. their love grew stronger.

Tales of Love(Episode 1)

His approach made her feel relaxed She has been single, single enough to notice that she was lonely, She wanted to have her own man. A man that will sweep her off feet, but she still has her reservations. She wanted a God fearing man who would love her, Then she met this young man.... Continue Reading →

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