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What Real Men Want In A Relationship

Not all Men are interested in just Sex Often times I hear ladies say the words"All men Cheat", the truth is not all men cheat, many still have and keep their dignity. I will be listing out 6 things real men want in a woman Understanding A real man wants a woman who understands him... Continue Reading →

The Rewards Of Wisdom

Nothing will stand in your way if you walk wisely Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are happy is anyone who comes to have an understanding there is more profit in it than there is in silver it is worth more to you than gold it will keep you away from... Continue Reading →

Tales Of Love(Episode 3)

They don't look down on each other,They ensured each other's opinion counted The Man professes his love; My friend, my woman, and companion the one person that understands me. you are like a dove that hides, in the crevice of a rock. He hugged her after saying those nice words to her. She smiled and... Continue Reading →

Tales Of Love (Episode 2)

She had fallen for him before she knew it. They never stopped communicating they talked about everything they grew fond of each other and they became good friends He never stopped showing her how much he loves her. their love grew stronger.

Tales of Love(Episode 1)

His approach made her feel relaxed She has been single, single enough to notice that she was lonely, She wanted to have her own man. A man that will sweep her off feet, but she still has her reservations. She wanted a God fearing man who would love her, Then she met this young man.... Continue Reading →

If Love Was But A Woman

she would tell Romeo not to take his life. she is so possessive to those who fall for her. Grows very deep in the heart of all who welcomes her. she rests in the head of all who finds her as a soulmate, And never wants her existence to end. If love was to be... Continue Reading →


one of my greatest possesion on earth, you bring good life in me. I can sit and stare at your lovely face all day, your presence makes me alive. You support my every move and encourage my hustle, You pray with me and ask God to bless me, as much as he blesses you. you... Continue Reading →

HURTING HEART( episode 1)

She had finished dressing up, but she stood staring at the wooden frame mirror in her room as she imagined the hug she would give her Femi (my love) that’s what she calls her boyfriend, a man she had not seen for six months because of her busy but little paid salary job. She worked... Continue Reading →

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