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Why does she want you?

she wants "you" and nothing more Most people think being alone is fun and it can help them balance in some sort but with her, it's the opposite. she has been spoilt with lots of attention, care, calls even though the relationships didn't last. she wants you now to be her knight in shining armor,... Continue Reading →

I Have Found A Good Thing

When he left I was heartbroken and lonely So lonely because he was my closest friend I could talk to him about anything and everything I took him as my confidant He knew I had grown so fond of him But he wasn’t ready for commitment like I was So he withdrew himself Leaving my... Continue Reading →

Every Lady’s Ideal Man

If you ask 100% of ladies what they truly want from their man in a relationship both even the married ones, the statistics will have similar answers. Little things bring joy and happiness to people’s faces and life. The same way men look out for certain characteristics in a lady, the ladies do so too.... Continue Reading →

Who Enjoys Sex More In A Relationship

A natural desire Good Morning friends, viewers, visitors, and followers. Today we will be talking about sex as regards relationship matters, this has to do with our daily life and it happens to be a natural occurrence. Oftentimes, people ask this pressing question; who enjoys sex in a relationship, is it the male or the... Continue Reading →


A lot of people want to know if their relationship is worth their time, oftentimes people ask such questions concerning their love life and where it is headed to. Here, I will be highlighting 5 signs to show you are in the right relationship. Still being yourself People lose themselves once they are in a... Continue Reading →

Is jealousy love?

jealousy is a negative emotion From my point of view, JEALOUSY is a negative emotion stemming from desire and insecurity, it is not love. Everyone has his or her own philosophy and way of thinking, some people talk out of the experience, and some talk about this out of what they might have read, watch,... Continue Reading →

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