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Ways to get your children close to you even when they are adult

It is easy to react harshly to your children especially when they are disturbing you for something and you are not in the mood for such, naturally, people tend to be aggressive when they are stressed at the same time it’s still wrong to take out your stress on your children. Everyone has their challenges…

A Broken Heart

from constant tearing my feet won’t stop shaking my wishes won’t oblige me my fate is testing me I feel like the world is upset with me I was the apple of your eye. Tears won’t stop, I wonder why why turn back A broken heart see how heartbroken everyone is I see everyone weep…

Pre 25 Marriages, it’s possible effects.

I will be talking about the possible effects for today. Marriage is very beautiful, don’t get me wrong and i solely support good marriages but that doesn’t mean the essentials facts should be left unaddressed. When a lady is still young, She probably wouldn’t have figured out yet what she wants in life, at that…

The truth, my truth

I have been away from my blog and blogging as a whole and it’s not because I do not have contents to deliberate on or talk about but because I have been fighting too many secret challenges and sorting for other paying jobs while I think of a better way to improve my writing skills.…

Make GOD the center of your relationship

permit me to make this piece today, I don’t despise does who don’t believe that God exists and that he has a major role to play in their relationship. I’m equally not out to judge anyone but I want to make something very clear “that is impossible to excuse God in your relationship and get…

Why does she want you?

Most people think being alone is fun and it can help them balance in some sort but with her, it’s the opposite. she has been spoilt with lots of attention, care, calls even though the relationships didn’t last. she wants you now to be her knight in shining armor, the very first face she sees…

what I love about you (a woman’s profession)

The sparkle in your eyes, the warmth of your skin your breath on my neck that shakes me within The touch of your hand the smell of your hair the naughtiness in your smile the strength in your stare Your kiss on my lips your body near mine the stoke of your touch makes everything…

5 Reasons why married people still look outside

Aside from the fact that most men think that they are polygamous in nature, they hold onto that and cheat on their spouses. Now, what about the women that cheat? do they also think of being polygamous? Here are some of the reasons married people don’t stay faithful to their spouses: When they don’t see…

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