5 Reasons why your spouse should be your best friend

they will be no boring moments between you two because you will always do crazy and funny things together Once you exceed this part in your life, my dear pray to God because the rest of your years will be tougher than it would have been. A lot of people make that mistake and that... Continue Reading →

Most men still like the “Native thing”

the acceptance of being yourself is still deeply appreciated You may not understand what i mean by "Native thing" until i explain. Nowadays people have lost themselves to the western life and have allowed the white life take over them completely. Everyone wants to speak with the Bristish ascent, most people go as far as... Continue Reading →

Letter to my EX

Those days we talked and laughed over everything were the best Hello! Hello! Is me again I tried so hard to forget you But the love and bond we shared still lives on Those days we talked and laughed over everything Are my most treasured times We find it very easy to communicate And now... Continue Reading →

Should a Lady spend on a man?

I have heard people argue about this phrase on different occasions with different reasons and it doesn’t mean they are wrong with whatever point they came up with. Today, I want to talk about it and air my opinion and how I feel about this issue. It doesn’t matter if a lady spends on her... Continue Reading →


there is always this unexplained joy you get from your sister I will be discussing the sister-sister relationship today and the importance in every girls/lady/woman life whether married or single. It is very important to have this kind of relationship because it matters a lot in life. They are one thousand and one reason why... Continue Reading →

Marry your friend

There is always a reason why it is often advised to marry your friend and the importance cannot be over emphasized. Today I will be discussing the main reasons why it is advised to marry your friend and the good benefits behind. For a healthy relationship Not all relationship is healthy; some people stay with... Continue Reading →

My Flower

Come to me, my lover, like a gazelle I am like a wall And my breasts are its towers My lover, you know that with you I find contentment and peace Let me hear your voice from the garden my love How complete the delights of your love You are the only flower in my... Continue Reading →

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