5 Reasons why your spouse should be your best friend

they will be no boring moments between you two because you will always do crazy and funny things together Once you exceed this part in your life, my dear pray to God because the rest of your years will be tougher than it would have been. A lot of people make that mistake and that... Continue Reading →

I’m empty (my mind)

silence fills my heart my eyes are empty, tears too have left me i feel pain no more, i'm numb all feelings have left me, i'm empty you know everything don't you? so many turns to take, paths to follow i'm so trapped in my thought so trapped that i am now too afraid to... Continue Reading →

I just want to be free

i'm not alone A little sweet A little sour Not too far Let me in without a shout Let me in I have a doubt They are more, many more Many, many, many more like me I’m not alone Dream walking, wide-eyed Stepping, stumbling Yet I have no doubt Just like the setting sun will... Continue Reading →

My Smile my power

A beautiful power no one can contest I face challenges i face difficulties i feel pain i get hurt by the ones i love and care about i even breakdown most times but in spite of all the troubles i still wear a beautiful smile always its a beautiful power no one can contest it... Continue Reading →

Brother’s Love

A bond that never break dwells within us Look how far we have come see how much we have achieved together though it might not be much but with you my brother it's everything i can still feel mama's breast milk on your lips we share what people cannot understand a bond that never break... Continue Reading →


i'm happy that you want to be with me My baby loves me Just as much as I love him Take my hand baby and let us go away I’m happy that you are happy with me baby I’m happy that you want to be with me What do I have to offer? Nothing, but... Continue Reading →

Should a Lady spend on a man?

I have heard people argue about this phrase on different occasions with different reasons and it doesn’t mean they are wrong with whatever point they came up with. Today, I want to talk about it and air my opinion and how I feel about this issue. It doesn’t matter if a lady spends on her... Continue Reading →

Undying feelings

we stood by each other when we had nothing We have been friends for many years Been there for each other Even during trials, we never left each other We stood by each other when we had nothing Hustled our way to the top together Suddenly Someone from nowhere came into the picture Someone without... Continue Reading →

Hold My Hand

life has brought us to this juncture Love me ever so passionately so i may never forget life has brought us to this juncture am sure there must be a plan I beseech you just for this one night forget the world in my arms these moments between us are truly special come walk with... Continue Reading →

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